1573: “Israel the Jew” and his wife Bilha arrive in Mielec as the first Mielec Jews

1787 – 1824: Jewish population in Mielec grows to over half the total population in the town

Mielec (total)166521502223198220802140
Population of Mielec 1787-1824 (source: Krysztof Ślusarek, Jagellionian University Kraków, “Dzieje lokalne pośród wydarzeń i procesów historycznych”, p. 164)

September 1939: German Army enters Mielec

Due to the airfield and aircraft manufacturing facility in Mielec prior to 1939, the German army deemed Mielec an important military asset. Hence the German Army invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 and entered Mielec less than two weeks later.

September 13, 1939: The burning of the Mielec Synagogue

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah (September 13, 1939), the German soldiers locked the Jewish Synagogue with several dozen worshippers inside and burned it down, killing all Jews trapped inside. The German army also destroyed the mikveh, formerly located across the street from the synagogue.

September 14, 1939 to March 8, 1942: Jews living under German Occupation


March 9, 1942: Forced March of all Jews to Cyranka (KL Mielec)

All remaining Jews in Mielec were evicted from their homes and force-marched approximately 7 kilometers to the airfield outside Mielec (Cyranka). This became the Mielec Forced Labor Camp, and later the Mielec Concentration Camp (“Konzentrationslager Mielec”). All Jews in the camp received a tattoo on the outside of their wrist with the letters “KL”.