This is a list of pages that contain photo libraries of Jews and Jewish life in Mielec. All photo credits attributed to their authors.

If you wish to support the archival and conservation efforts of photos from pre-1945 Mielec, I strongly recommend making a small donation to the Muzeum Historii Fotografii “Jadernówka” which is located directly across the street from the old Jewish Cemetery in Mielec, Poland. It is a small museum focused on the work of August Jaderny, a well-known early 20th century Polish portrait photographer. The museum has a large collection of pre-war photos of both Jews and Poles, and have hosted events such as “Shtetl Mielec”.

I would like to personally thank Janusz Halisz and Beata Ślemp-Kwoka who volunteer their time to help maintain the cemetery’s aesthetics and security as well as work tirelessly at the museum. They have aided my research many, many times.

Postcards of Mielec


Around Town


School and Youth Groups

Abba Fenichel – Artist

9 March 1942